NDA PR’s Migration Fund (PR Perks Included)

Friends. Some of you probably know that in addition to this blog, we also run a PR operation where we help clients from Christian Death and Mortiis to underground acts.  In our continued effort (or obsession, rather) to have better service, we've determined that we need the following; a new site migrated from Wix to... Continue Reading →

Join Us On Social Media!!

Hey Everyone.  Just wanted to invite you to join us on our social media channels.  I would greatly appreciate a follow, a like.... whatever.  Please join us.  Many cool things to come!   The Noise Beneath The Snow Blog.... https://www.facebook.com/The-Noise-Beneath-The-Snow-Blog-160069624534353/ https://twitter.com/NoiseBelowSnow?lang=en And our PR firm..... New Dark Ages PR - https://www.newdarkagespr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/New-Dark-Ages-PR-454164615015062/ https://twitter.com/NewDarkAgesPR?lang=en  

ANNOUNCEMENT: www.NewDarkAgesPR.com

  Hey Everyone. Well, today is a bit of a big day for us.  Before I get into that, I want you all to know how much I appreciate each and every reader, label, PR entity and artist who have so kindly thought of us or given us your time.  It's been a spectacular couple... Continue Reading →

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