Säröllä – “Kaamosteoria” EP Review

From innovative Finnish electronic artist Säröllä comes yet another digital-only EP with an added bonus.... a label to go with it.  Kaamosteoria is the latest 5 song EP on Säröllä's own label B-Komissio which soon will feature forthcoming artists. From Bandcamp: "The first release of B-Komissio, Kaamosteoria, is Säröllä’s vision of a sleazy 1800’s factory with a sci-fi twist. The... Continue Reading →

Säröllä – “Kuumeuni” Mini-Album Review (noise/electronic)

Several days ago we featured a noise artist from Finland-not exactly for being the noise capital of the world.  You can read the review below here.... https://noisebeneaththesnow.com/2017/11/28/sarolla-lopussa-1-8-album-review-harsh-noise-power-electronics/ Säröllä brings us now Kuumeuni; a three-track mini-EP. From Säröllä:  "This is my ''thank you'' to my country as our independence day is arriving soon.  This is also a big memorial piece... Continue Reading →

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