Säröllä – “DNA Mirror Live” Album Review (experimental/dark ambient)

Not since Mick Harris's SCORN have electronic beats so ingeniously been met with textures of noise and dark ambient backdrops.  So, we're pleased to bring you another release from Finland's Säröllä; their digital album, DNA Mirror Live. If you can get past the incredibly high-pitched ringing in the first couple of tracks, then you are... Continue Reading →


Säröllä – “Kaamosteoria” EP Review

From innovative Finnish electronic artist Säröllä comes yet another digital-only EP with an added bonus.... a label to go with it.  Kaamosteoria is the latest 5 song EP on Säröllä's own label B-Komissio which soon will feature forthcoming artists. From Bandcamp: "The first release of B-Komissio, Kaamosteoria, is Säröllä’s vision of a sleazy 1800’s factory with a sci-fi twist. The... Continue Reading →

Säröllä – “Kuumeuni” Mini-Album Review (noise/electronic)

Several days ago we featured a noise artist from Finland-not exactly for being the noise capital of the world.  You can read the review below here.... https://noisebeneaththesnow.com/2017/11/28/sarolla-lopussa-1-8-album-review-harsh-noise-power-electronics/ Säröllä brings us now Kuumeuni; a three-track mini-EP. From Säröllä:  "This is my ''thank you'' to my country as our independence day is arriving soon.  This is also a big memorial piece... Continue Reading →

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