Feral – “Flesh For Funerals Eternal” Album Review (death metal)

From our friends at Transcending Obscurity comes a dose of Swedish death metal both both extreme in fury and insanely skilled. From Bandcamp: "They're not here to reinvent but to solidify in every imaginable way. The album is faultless - it's got everything the style needs and in the right doses. The production keeps it... Continue Reading →


Fredrik Croona Interview / “Killing Me Again” Single Review (Menschdefekt/ Cynical Existence/Project Rotten) (goth/industrial/ebm)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZC-ZdtccOY&feature=youtu.be   We are pleased to bring you an interview with Fredrik Croona in conjunction with the release of his new single "Killing Me Again" out Today!  Check it out at the Bandcamp link at the bottom.  We are currently conducting a PR campaign for him.  Furthermore, if you are a zine etc, and are... Continue Reading →

Celldöd – “Kall Fusion” 12″ EP Review (techno/ebm)

Bass-driven, heavy-hitting ebm-infused techno is our offering today.  As noted on previous occasions, Medical Records is serving up some of the best underground techno/ebm work currently available so I highly recommend them. Kall Fusion is the latest Medical Records release from Celldöd - the project of Swedish producer Anders Karlsson. A 12" vinyl edition destined to disrupt... Continue Reading →

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