Mz.412 / Trepaneringsritualen – “X Post Industriale/Rituals 2015 e.v.” 2LP / Album Review

A very special double-LP split release from Mz.412 & Trepaneringsritualen is our offering for today.  X Post Industriale/Rituals 2015 e.v. On October 31, 2015 both artists performed two "rituals" at Old Europa Cafe's  festival, "X Congresso Post Industriale" in Bologna, Italy at club Kindergarten.  2 years later these magical performances are etched in vinyl for a... Continue Reading →

Trepaneringsritualen – “Kainskult” Album Review

Today we have for you the latest release by Trepaneringsritualen, Kainskult courtesy of Tesco in Germany.  "T.xRxP" as the project is often referred to, is the product of Swedish ritual mastermind Thomas Ekelund. From Tesco Germany: "Kainskult keeps all the basic building blocks of Perfection & Permanence: the tribal drumming, the atavistic propulsion, the clattering metal percussion,... Continue Reading →

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