Dosis Letalis & Шумоизоляция “Split” Album Review (noise/harsh noise wall/power electronics)

Serbia meets Russia in a 20 minute battle for harsh noise wall warfare.  To be specific, each artist clocks in at just under 20 minutes.  Russia's ever-prolific label, Wall Noise Action issues this digital-only split release. Serbia's Dosis Letalis and Russia's Шумоизоляция both issue relentless harsh noise walls which pretty much equal in their level of abrasiveness. ... Continue Reading →

Moon Eclipse – “Dorothy Harriet Camille Arnold” Album Review (noise/harsh noise wall/power electronics)

We deliver a couple more harsh noise walls courtesy of Moon Eclipse from our friends at Wall Noise Action in Russia.  Much like the effectiveness of Sleep Column's artwork for their Colleen Dawn Adams release, we now find a similar photo for Moon Eclipse's Dorothy Harriet Camille Arnold.   From Wall Noise Action: "American socialite and heiress who... Continue Reading →

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