DeepDark & Xerxes The Dark – “Inner Mystery” split CD

a1737608387_16One of my favorite labels which I recently found out about is Black Mara from Russia. The care and quality that they place in their releases is nothing short of amazing and is a model to be looked to.

Inner Mystery is the latest offering; a split album between dark ambient/drone artists DeepDark and Xerxes the Dark.  Each artist has 4 tracks.

DeepDark is the project of Dimitry Vologdin based out of Russia.  Xerxes The Dark is a project from Iran founded in 2005 by Morego Dimmer.

Consider the often overlooked dynamic when it comes to albums like this.  Take an artist, confined to a small room, in some corner of the world; that same artist creates these vast and vacuous soundscapes that literally envelop the listener in an otherworldly trip or to some seemingly endless destination.  It’s finite vs. infinite, the only thing limiting the journey being the end of the CD.

This is a soundtrack for a dimly-lit subterranean obscure ritual; a sonic companion to areas of the mind that one might not otherwise choose to go.  DeepDark and Xerxes the Dark are two fairly similar projects that create dark ambient trips using complex tones, textures and layers that blend each mini-trip (track) into a pretty magical trip.

But albums like Inner Mystery are special.  They are the soundtracks where even nightmares are scared to go; Dense, dark and enveloping.

Inner Mystery is available as a LIMITED Edition CD, with hand-made pouch with a wax seal logo.  Inside the bag is a CD on a wooden base with velvet, and also a manuscript with poems and information.  The album is also available as a digital download.

It’s no surprise to me that Black Mara has put together yet another very special CD edition release.  An excellent dark ambient CD indeed!

How singular artists create such vast universes will likely remain a mystery to me.  But perhaps that’s part of the magic they create; the mystery which is then felt by the listener.

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