Trepaneringsritualen – “Kainskult” Album Review


Today we have for you the latest release by Trepaneringsritualen, Kainskult courtesy of Tesco in Germany.  “T.xRxP” as the project is often referred to, is the product of Swedish ritual mastermind Thomas Ekelund.

From Tesco Germany:

“Kainskult keeps all the basic building blocks of Perfection & Permanence: the tribal drumming, the atavistic propulsion, the clattering metal percussion, and the abysmal growls. But somehow it reaches a new level of intensity, both sonically and lyrically.  Kainskult will undoubtedly stand as a cornerstone album both in the T × R × P canon, and in the industrial scene at large.”

The main focus above anything on this album appears to be rhythmic and ritualistic delivery of the lyrics.  This is augmented by the masterful layering of the vocal tracks, thus giving the tracks the feeling of multiple guys participating.  Moreover, the vocals, treated or untreated are delivered in such a way that it rivals most of the death metal bands in existence.

Most of the tracks are built on simple foundations of minimal percussion and synth strikes giving the tracks a real primitive vibe.  There is even in many cases a feeling of very early industrial, even martial style music.  Imagine dark ambient, ritualistic primitive industrial.  While even I’ll admit that might be somewhat limiting for Kainskult, it may give you new listeners some idea.

Whereas previous efforts may perhaps in some ways have been more mysterious about the ritual aspect of Trepaneringsritualen’s work, Kainskult brings it right out in your face in a major way.  Fierce and visceral, providing the listener with a front row seat to the show.

Track 1, “Death and Ecstasy” has an old school (and dare I say “blues”) spiritual melody sort of feel. “Madr Malformed” almost has a bit of a “Roots”-era Sepultura rhythm.  “Feral Me” takes us straight to the pulse with a rhythmic heartbeat-like bass and then followed by a flurry of early industrial hits.  “An Immaculate Body of Water” is one of the only extended cases where there is no percussion and the vocals are guided by a simple wavy repetitive synth.

Thomas Ekelund

It would be interesting if not frightening to hear the Kainskult material live.

9 total tracks of pure ritual magic, the kind that only TxRxP can deliver.  Kainskult is a release that should hold the fan base solid and attract new listeners to the world of Trepaneringsritualen.

Kainskult is available on CD and vinyl (black or white) directly from Tesco-Germany.  LP/T shirt bundles are available as well.  Digital version is available via TRP’s Bandcamp page.

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