Scott Lawlor – “Transition” Album Review (ambient/drone)


One of the amazing things about ambient/dark ambient music is that it often helps paint a picture and put into perspective that which is simply indescribable in words.  Such is the case here in our offering now.  Moreover, indescribable is surely a word the artist encountered when it came to the theme behind this album.

Transition is the new release from ambient composer Scott Lawlor.  The theme of the album revolves around the emotional dynamics involved in the passing of his brother.

From Scott Lawlor:  “Each of the 5 songs on this album, which were composed between November 25th and 29th, has a story behind it and they were written to convey a sense of the tears and heartache that we all have experienced as a result of this great man being taken from us way too soon.” 

Transition is a beautiful record containing 5 tracks, each one conveying an emotion or specific situation the artist experienced in his mourning; The stillness before the transition, the feeling of the presence of a loved one after they’ve passed away, the heartache of saying “Farewell.”

Transition definitely has a more intimate and personal feel to it as opposed to many ambient releases which seem to drive the listener into the ether or the subterranean.  Moreover, while some ambient albums appear seamless from start to finish (take for example Steve Roach or Robert Rich’s work), Transition quite successfully reads like chapters in a book, and one that is deeply personal, mind you.  When is the last time you heard a church organ sound on an ambient release?  Scott Lawlor ignores a lost of the rules of ambient music.  But then again, there is no “rule book” to coming to grips with the loss of a loved-one.  

Loss of a loved one is something we’ve all experienced as humans.  Some of us are further blessed with the capability to transform our sorrows into sound or words and perhaps inspire listeners or readers in the process.  From listening to Transition, it’s obvious that it must be a painful journey for Scott Lawlor.  But I suppose it’s a positive thing that there are ambient albums out there that take you through more personal territories and not those located in the ether or subterranean.

Please check out Scott’s Bandcamp page below for sound samples.


  1. Sacred Ground
  2. Whispering Voices
  3. Momentary Presence
  4. Transition
  5. The Last Goodbye

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